Agrion RGB

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The Agribotix Agrion™ RGB is an excellent companion to a Starter or Plus kit. The Agrion™ RGB (Red-Green-Blue) provides normal, high resolution images to be used along side an NIR (Near-Infrared) Agrion™.  It's priced just right at $1300.

Because the Agrion™ RGB provides a normalized high-definition view of the world, it can be used to deliver real-time inspection of land and equipment from anywhere on the farm using FPV, or First Person View, live HD video.

The Agrion™ RGB can also be used with the included Agribotix FarmLens™ to deliver high resolution RGB maps.

- High Resolution 12MP HD Camera Photo + Video
- 3 Months Agribotix FarmLens™ Professional Subscription
- Rugged Hard Case with Wheels and Handle
- 1x Intelligent Flight Battery
- Battery Charger
- Agribotix User Manual

Note: Agrion™ RGB can only be purchased in conjunction with a Starter or Plus kit.