Agrion Starter P4P - Complete Agricultural Drone System

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The Agribotix Agrion™ Starter P4P solution is a game-changer. Now built on the DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO platform.  The portable drone comes equipped with a near infrared (NIR) camera designed to capture superb field-level imagery, which is uploaded to the included Agribotix FarmLens™ platform for processing. Results are produced automatically in the cloud, eliminating the need for hard-to-use software packages. The drone is easy to use; even beginners can fly with confidence within a few minutes.

Combined with the intuitive, best-in-class FarmLens™, designed from the ground up for agriculture, the solution marks a new era for ag intelligence. Agribotix Agrion Starter takes what's great about the Agrion™ and makes it even better.  Including extra batteries and accessories to ensure your Agrion™ is ready to tackle any size farm.

- Near-Infrared Modified Camera
- 3 Months Agribotix FarmLens™ Professional Subscription
- Rugged Hard Case with Wheels and Handle
- 1x Intelligent Flight Batteries

- Agribotix User Manual

Requires user-provided tablet.  We recommend the Apple Ipad Mini 4.