Agrion RGB P4P - RGB Updgrade

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The Agribotix Agrion™ RGB is an excellent companion to a Starter or Plus kit. The Agrion™ RGB (Red-Green-Blue) provides normal, high-resolution images to be used alongside an NIR (Near-Infrared) Agrion™.

Because the Agrion RGB provides a normalized high-definition view of the world, it can be used to deliver real-time inspection of land and equipment from anywhere on the farm using FPV, or First Person View, live HD video.

The Agrion RGB can also be used with the included Agribotix FarmLens™ to deliver high-resolution RGB maps.

- High-Resolution 20MP HD Camera Photo + Video
- 3 Months Agribotix FarmLens™ Professional Subscription
- Rugged Hard Case with Wheels and Handle
- 1x Intelligent Flight Battery
- Battery Charger
- Agribotix User Manual

Note: Agrion RGB can only be purchased in conjunction with a Starter or Plus kit.